Rainy Day Stew

I think I was spoiled by the few sunny days we had over here. I was falsely under the impression that it’s time for sundresses, a new pair of sunglasses, and time to get my tan on. Alas, the winter is continuing on for the few weeks it has left (yay, spring!) and my wishful thinking has subsided.  Feeling completely deceived,  I should have known better. Oh well.

So, besides turning the heat on this am, I knew I needed something warm to defrost these old bones.

Side note: Do you love bulk bins? I do. I love getting all my flour and beans from them. What I do NOT like is when I have cabinets full of ingredients that I have totally forgotten existed.

Pet Peeve: The shelf with endless bulk bags

Today, I took control of the situation. I emptied out all the bags full of rice, lentils, split peas, and other beans, chopped a few carrots and defrosted a boneless skinless chicken I had in the freezer (another pet peeve: what is in my freezer!),  and made a delicious stew for this cold and rainy day.

Make sure before anything else to wash the beans. Some need soaking overnight, so make sure you use the beans that only need a little rinsing. Put them in a strainer, wash and into the soup they go!

Split peas and all types of lentils should be rinsed

I also used a vegetable broth. Not necessary, but I had it on hand. Water will work fine, too. Depending on how thick you want your stew, add desired water. Make sure to add salt, pepper, garlic, or whatever spices strike your fancy. And there you go, a quick and effortless stew, that takes less than an hour to enjoy!

You are sure to enjoy every bite of this hearty stew


Get as creative as you want!

  • Use any type of meat
  • Use tomato sauce or lemon juice as a base, if that sounds good to you
  • Add extra veggies if you have some

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