Alternative Flour Answers

I have been getting some questions regarding the alternative flours I have been using. Let me explain. I love Bob’s Red Mill.

This all purpose flour is composed of numerous beans and added nutrition.

This brand can be found in the baking section of the grocery aisle. Bob’s makes a vast array of bean flour, rice flours and nut flours and a bigger selection can be found at organic based retailers.  Also, check to see if there are bulk bins, which is usually a huge score for flours!

There is nothing wrong with regular whole wheat flour, it has been purely experimental and fun to use these other nutritious blends.

The truth is using the bean flours makes the texture of any dough really soft  making it difficult to maneuver, shape and bake. I found out yesterday that Xantham Gum and Tapioca Flour, both gluten-free,  is a great additive to help thicken the dough and not sacrifice taste. And just 1-2 teaspoons goes a long way.

I hope this answers some questions. Please let me know if you have any more questions or comments!

Thank you,

Vermont Debutante


One comment on “Alternative Flour Answers

  1. Rachel B says:

    Check out Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour! It makes your baked goods kind of taste like Passover cookies, but it’s naturally sweet and fun to make muffins and cookies with!!!

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