Toasted Sesame Seeds


Tonight for dinner, I made some cajun cod sauteed with capers, fresh green beans in a fresh tomato sauce (yes, I blanched them), and brown rice. It was a delicious meal until I realized  a certain je ne sais quoi was missing. Toasted sesame seeds. Let me tell you, if you just throw a half a cup in a pan, stir on medium high heat until they brown, you wont be sorry. They will provide an extra crunch and heavenly nutty flavor to whatever you add them to.

Not only will it add some extra beneficial fiber to your meal, but it will fill your house with a sweet aroma.

Toasted too many sesame seeds? No worries. Just cover them and leave them out or throw them in the fridge, they last forever and will go great with your next meal!

Toasted sesame seeds - Give your meal an extra crunch!


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